Driver Payout Policy

After completing your first Crooze, it will take 9-12 business days for money to be transferred to your account. After your first Crooze, payouts will only take 2 business days.

Croozen drivers will receive 100% of the seat prices collected for their rides. The seat prices collected also include any money left over from partial refunds. Please refer to our refund policy to see how much riders will be refunded if they decide to leave your ride.

Here’s an example of how much money you will receive if you sell your seats for $10:

Rider 1: $10 collected

Rider 2 leaves the ride between 24 and up to 48 hours before the ride is scheduled to start and receives a 50% refund: $5 collected

Total seat prices collected: $15

How much you receive as a driver: 80% of $15 = $12